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The importance of technology

The figures released recently by Facebook, Instagram and the like have been eye-opening to say the least. This week, Merlin's Mike Ashton shared his views on the importance of technology in our own industry to the team at TATOC's Sharetime…

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Key points to consider when choosing timeshare software

When deciding which software to use to run your business or indeed when analysing your current software to audit its suitability, you need to consider the following:

Core Features

Timeshare Software should cover four core areas or modules:

Marketing module

Your timeshare software should have a marketing module that allows you to:

  • build a database of leads and clients
  • record all of your marketing activities
  • track responses to marketing activities
  • determine response rates, cost per lead and cost per sale
  • profile clients
  • track sales
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Cloud Computing Benefits Merlin Software

Five benefits of cloud computing for timeshare resorts identified

Research undertaken by Merlin Software for Vacation Ownership has identified five key benefits of cloud computing enjoyed by its timeshare software clients worldwide.

“Our clients’ feedback is that it is not just the cost savings associated with cloud computing that appeals to them.

“While many are impressed they have reduced their IT capital costs, there are other benefits that set Merlin’s cloud-based software apart from traditional providers,” said Merlin’s business development director, Mike Ashton.

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Merlin Software For Vacation Ownership Cloud

What drives business to the cloud

Cisco and PC Connection recently undertook a survey on cloud computing. Asked what drives a business to be interested in the cloud, here are some of the key answers:

  • 42 per cent – Improved backup and disaster recovery
  • 40 per cent – Always available application access
  • 40 per cent – Cost savings
  • 38 per cent – Reduction of on-site infrastructure
  • 35 per cent – Easier scalability in capacity
  • 33 per cent – Improved workforce mobility
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