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Cloud Computing

Top cloud computing benefits for resorts

Moving your IT to the cloud has a number of benefits – many that are not immediately obvious but which are actually very important.

Here is our shortlist:

Cloud computing is energy efficient so if this is an important issue for your resort business, it is something that your IT department can contribute to.

Companies in emerging markets are currently some of the hungriest when it comes to technology solutions. With limited access to advanced infrastructure, accessing data centres and off-premise IT services means resort businesses in the most remote locations can enjoy Merlin’s technological advances.

For new resorts, the cloud allows them to get up and running with key business tools, a minimum of fuss and cost while allowing them to focus on their new business.

As Merlin is totally scalable, these companies can quickly and easily scale up as their business grows. This helps keep the resort flexible and stop it being bogged down in long term budgeting and licensing headaches.

Merlin Software allows resorts to add more users and use more services as a resort business grows – with the ability to scale back if things don’t run smoothly.

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Survey: 2 in 5 Americans use the Cloud

Cloud and mobile testing company SOASTA has announced the results of its Cloud Computing Survey.


The aim of the online survey of 2,051 adults was to discover the prevalence of cloud computing in everyday life. The results show that 39 percent of all Americans use the cloud and of those, 86 percent say the cloud has improved the lives of Americans who work.

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B2c Marketing

Taking care of your biggest asset – the customer

These days there is much talk about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the notion from the acronym is always customer services or in our vacation ownership industry, member services.


The reality is that CRM or MRM (Member Relationship Management) is not only answering the phone promptly and taking care of member inquires. Even allowing members to make online reservations, process loan or maintenance fee payments or displaying their contract details on your web site is today pretty standard activity.


Don’t get me wrong all these are marvelous things to be able to do for our members, but they are simply not enough.


We live in a totally customer driven economy. The customer, or in our case the members, are now highly sophisticated and knowledgeable due to Internet content on almost every topic they are looking for.

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