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It’s Good To Talk With Merlin Live Chat

It’s good to talk with Merlin Live Chat

They say it’s good to talk – and at Merlin Software we have to agree. So we recently launched a live chat facility for our clients, provided by and aptly named TAWK.

The aim was simple: To improve the customer service we provide by offering instant live chat support directly from any Merlin page.

Live chat directly from a webpage is a tool that is offered by many larger companies, but we believe Merlin Software is the first and only timeshare software provider to offer this service.

And it’s easy for users to access. They simply click the TAWK parrot icon found on every Merlin page.


So why have we launched live chat?
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My Plans For Merlin Software

My plans for Merlin Software

My plans for Merlin Software and the future of the timeshare industry are two topics I am often asked about and, as we enter 2016, it is probably a good time to share my thoughts with you.

As far as our own prospects for the coming year are concerned it is already looking good with several new clients in the pipeline.

We also have a number of existing clients requesting refresher training due to staff turnover and assistance in using Merlin’s many new features that were released last year.

Looking back on 2015, we shifted our focus over the last half of the year, concentrating on our mission and core values.

This meant ensuring we delivered an exceptional experience to each client when interacting with us with our ‘It’s all about you’ program. Survey results show that we are making considerable progress with this.

In 2016 we will extend this with two exciting service initiatives which are currently being trialed and which we will launch in the first quarter of 2016.

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Six Questions You Should Ask About Your Mission Statement

Six questions you should ask about your mission statement

We recently went through what probably all corporations go through at some point in their lives … the “what’s our mission statement?” stage.

To be honest, as CEO I’ve always known what our mission was, although I may not have enunciated it in so many words.

A close friend and colleague reminded me that we needed to share this with the team here at Merlin Software.  It was a valuable exercise and made us all think.

But then I read an article in Skyways magazine written by Patrick Lencioni and Grant Ashfield about “Taking a Closer Look”.

This made me think even more:  As CEO, was I giving enough clarity to our team?  Was having a mission statement enough?

I realised, probably not on both counts.  So I “took their test” and asked myself the questions they posed in their article.

You might want to ask yourself these questions as well.

1 Why do we exist?

Now’ I’ve always wondered about the meaning of life and our purpose on earth until we shuffle off this mortal coil.  But this question is less esoteric and more about why we exist as a business. (I might share my “meaning of life” ideas another time).

For the corporation, the answer has to be something aspirational; something grand.  It’s not about “making money” although this is certainly the measure of success in many cases.

It’s about what inspires and uplifts us in our lowest moments.  It’s about the dream we have and what we hope to achieve together one day.

Without even thinking, I’ve always had a dream when starting a new business.

Our latest venture is no different.  At Merlin Software our dream is to create a platform that can ultimately link our industry together, providing efficiencies and economies of scale unheard of within the current paradigm.  I believe that’s aspirational enough.

I think I passed this one.  I know why we exist.  I just need to share it more often with the team.

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ARDA World 2015

ARDA World 2015

The Merlin team is back from a great ARDA World 2015 convention. It was super opportunity to meet with our clients and make contact with other delegates looking to move from their legacy systems to Merlin's cloud. WE look forward…

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Merlin Software For Timeshare

Merlin Software for timeshare

Merlin Software for timeshare has been tailored specifically for the industry – and its ever-changing products and services. We know that our industry is entrepreneurial, exciting and never stands still – so neither should your software.

The Merlin team is always looking for enhancements to support your business. But what really sets Merlin Software apart in the technology marketplace is that it is the only true provider of cloud-based, enterprise software for today’s timeshare business.

Simply explained, Merlin Software provides front-to-back timeshare software in a single SaaS solution. This means resorts can access their Merlin account anywhere with an Internet connection without expensive servers, communication links and IT resource.

Developed by industry professionals with over 30 years’ timeshare experience, the Merlin team has a thorough understanding of a resort’s complex software needs.

As a result, Merlin’s fully integrated modules support every aspect of a resort’s operation including sales, marketing, property management, front desk and a full multi currency accounting package.

Merlin is suitable for all types of business in the vacation ownership industry. From timeshare and fractional developers to management companies, re-sale and rental operations Merlin’s modules are a highly efficient, intuitive and cost effective way to manage your entire operation.

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Top Cloud Computing Benefits For Resorts

Top cloud computing benefits for resorts

Moving your IT to the cloud has a number of benefits – many that are not immediately obvious but which are actually very important.

Here is our shortlist:

Cloud computing is energy efficient so if this is an important issue for your resort business, it is something that your IT department can contribute to.

Companies in emerging markets are currently some of the hungriest when it comes to technology solutions. With limited access to advanced infrastructure, accessing data centres and off-premise IT services means resort businesses in the most remote locations can enjoy Merlin’s technological advances.

For new resorts, the cloud allows them to get up and running with key business tools, a minimum of fuss and cost while allowing them to focus on their new business.

As Merlin is totally scalable, these companies can quickly and easily scale up as their business grows. This helps keep the resort flexible and stop it being bogged down in long term budgeting and licensing headaches.

Merlin Software allows resorts to add more users and use more services as a resort business grows – with the ability to scale back if things don’t run smoothly.

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