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Mike Pnematicatos

The Merlin Software team is headed by Mike Pnematicatos and supported by his highly motivated and talented team of software developers in South Africa and account managers located in Spain, the U.S, Australia and the U.K.

Mike is an internationally known and respected authority on all types of vacation ownership including timeshare, fractionals and points clubs.

His career in property development began in 1983. In 1987 he pioneered the development of one of South Africa’s very first points clubs.  Less well known is that he also undertook fractional ownership developments in the early 1980’s, well before this product became the global buzzword it is today.

Together with his partners, Mike Pnematicatos built one of South Africa’s largest timeshare and points club development and management companies with over 40,000 members in four different points clubs and 16 managed resorts.  The business was vertically integrated and covered every aspect from property development through marketing and sales to after sales management.  Integral to the success of this business was the fact that the software on which the business operated was developed in house.

He partnered with Roy Peres and Club La Costa, one of Europe’s largest and most successful timeshare developers to form the CRI Points System, the forerunner of RCI Points.

He sold his various timeshare businesses to RCI in 2000 and assisted them for close to three years in designing and launching the RCI Points programme in Europe and the USA.

He has spoken at international conferences in Europe, USA and Australia on the future of timeshare and points clubs.  He has also served on the boards of a number of timeshare resorts and owners’ associations and has occupied the position of chairman on many of these boards.

His main business interest today is the ongoing development of software for the vacation ownership industry.  His extensive knowledge and firsthand experience of how to manage these developments and clubs means that the software he designs supports the best practices in vacation ownership business processes.

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