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Martine Pnematicatos

Operating from offices in London and Barcelona, Martine Pnematicatos has participated in the development of Merlin’s Software Services, being involved in the company from an early stage.  She is responsible for the financial affairs of the business besides her normal duties relating to project management, software development and staff management.

While working at TSS Marketing Ltd in the UK,  Martine started documenting specifications for Merlin’s software development.  In particular she concentrated on developing the Back Office Module within Merlin’s original Software for Timeshare.  In 2006 she moved full time to Merlin and has worked closely with Mike to grow the business into the successful company it is today.

Performing software implementations onsite enabled Martine to gain first hand in depth knowledge of different business processes.  She has worked in many international locations performing implementations and training, which has given her the experience to work with many different cultures.

Merlin Software is a customer service orientated environment and that has become a large focus for Martine.  She is particularly passionate about ensuring that customer service is of the highest quality.

Today Martine is responsible for a number of important areas within the company:

1. Control and management of all financial matters within the business

2. Responsible for all project managers

3. Training new clients, understanding their software requirements and ensuring that these requirements are met to exact standards.

4. Providing client support and ensuring high quality customer service.

5. Driving business development by providing expert knowledge on vacation ownership to potential clients as well as to the Merlin sales team.

6. Directing the Merlin marketing department with regards to campaigns and budgeting

7. Creating and implementing new products and services

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