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Jeetesh Daya

Jeetesh Daya has been involved with the development of Merlin Software since its inception.  His knowledge of the industry, as well as being an excellent programmer and software developer, has been invaluable in the creation of Merlin as we know it today.  He has a long-standing relationship with Mike allowing for an excellent understanding of the company’s requirements.

Jeetesh has a great understanding of the timeshare and vacation ownership Industry.  This is partly due to his involvement with Mike’s ventures and ideas for the past 16 years.

In 2000, Jeetesh began working on the development of Merlin Software for Timeshare – Merlin’s original marketing and property management software suite.  Due to the knowledge he gained from his time working at The Leisure Corporation, he immediately got involved in all aspects of the project.

His duties included re-writing of the existing application written in FoxPro to a web-based application using industry standard technology.  This involved redesigning of the existing system from the ground up using new intelligent business logic.  He is a master in the use of MS SQL, Visual Basic 6, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP and HTML.

Jeetesh’s current duties are numerous and include:

1. The development of new software services

2. The enhancement of current software

3. Development and design of Merlin’s CRM systems

4. Maintaining the database logic, data and integrity

5. Importing data for current and new clients into MS SQL

6. Providing guidance, motivation and assistance to all members of the Merlin Team

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