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Exciting Software Enhancements Released

Exciting software enhancements released

An exciting new batch of Merlin Software enhancements is set to go live this weekend, April 10.

As Merlin is cloud-based software as a service, all Merlin clients will automatically benefit from this latest release   of enhancements – at no extra cost.

This batch of enhancements includes  a faster way to add new transactions to an account from the Name Home Page without having to navigate through the various Merlin menu paths.

Improvements have been made to the check in/check out page and the calculation of group booking account balances. Front desk users will see a better display of balances across multiple bookings.

Another cool enhancement has been made to the reservation request function that now includes request packages and request types. This allows you to create packages for mini-vacs if you sell accommodation and other services in a bundle.

Finally, we’ve been busy improving Merlin reports to include additional information and make retrieval of data faster, added more default pins to streamline your processes and fixed some minor bugs too.

These enhancements and all Merlin’s marketing modules will be showcased at the upcoming ARDA Convention in Hollywood. Come and meet the team at booth #304 or arrange an online demo.

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