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We believe our innovative software leads the field with technology and functionality that does not exist or is simply not completely understood by our competitors. We like to think that we lead and others follow us.
Merlin technology

Merlin is built on a “three-tier” structure. The back end is driven by a Microsoft SQL Server database with associated stored procedures necessary to access and manipulate the database.

System architecture

We use Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Interdev as our software development environment. We have built Merlin Software using a Microsoft database and development tools. As such our technology base is ‘industry standard’.

Merlin hardware

The Merlin hardware comprises managed web and database servers plus robust data storage devices. The servers can be expanded as demand grows in order to provide for the web serving and data processing needs of users.

Merlin hosting & co-location

The Merlin web and database servers are co-located in a secure data centre owned and operated by RackSpace in London. The security provided by this facility is at the highest level of industry standards and includes physical access control, fire suppression and uninterrupted power supply with redundancy provided by auxiliary power generators.

Data encryption

All data sent and to and from Merlin is encrypted and secured using Secure Socket Layers. The Merlin web site is authenticated by Thawte.

Technology and Security

The definition of technology: Anything that wasn’t around when you were born.

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