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Cloud computing technology is constantly evolving – and so does Merlin Software with the availability of web services. We regularly review Merlin’s functionality to keep up to date with the latest technology – and the needs and demands of our clients.

Merlin Apps

Our latest mission is to make every user of our software an expert without them needing to be one. We do this by creating configurable, custom Apps that take all the thinking away from the users and allow them to think about servicing their clients rather than how to use the software and what options to choose.

Agent Desk Top

Take Agent Desktop: an App that allows call center operators to follow a predetermined workflow that moves them though answering the call (pushed to them by the auto-dialer), to selling a minivac, booking a tour and taking payment online. The App finally sends a confirmation to the client all in one seamless process.

Booking App

Or take our Booking Apps that allow your owners or renting public to find available accommodation, check booking rules, confirm the booking, order additional items online, make payment and receive confirmation.

Merlin Web Services & Apps

Build your own Ferrari using our intellectual property

In the pipeline

Tour management and contract printing Apps are on the way.  Hotel PMS Apps.  Even accounting Apps. All fully customizable and simple-to-use. Apps which help reduce your costs, increase customer satisfaction and even produce revenue from weeks your property is empty.

Separate but integrated

These cloud-based, stand-alone Apps are completely independent of, but integrate with Merlin Classic, if required. You can easily configure them to your business processes and rules. Say goodbye to complex, old-fashioned interfaces.

Build Your Own

And the best is you can do the same … Leverage Merlin’s unique logic and feature-rich functionality.  Build your own Apps using our Web API and Web Services.

Why use Merlin's Web API?

Merlin has a normalized, efficient, well-designed database structure – the essential foundation for any system. Then we have extensive functionality and business logic that took years to understand, build and test.

Why not leverage off it?

Years of experience in one place

We have extensive experience in business and understanding how the industry works. This intellectual property has been built up over more than 30 years with extensive and direct involvement running timeshare programs and properties.

Why not leverage off  it?

Latest technology

And best of all it’s all in the cloud and available to you. Why re-invent the wheel?  Why not save time and money and get a head start on your competitors.

Why not leverage off it?

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