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Take a vacation from out-dated and complex processes

The vacation ownership industry will never be the same again. That’s because Merlin Software is about to introduce something which will revolutionize the way you and your customers do business.

Apps. Fully customizable and simple-to-use. Apps which help reduce your costs, increase customer satisfaction and even produce revenue from weeks your property is empty.

These cloud-based, stand-alone apps are completely independent from Merlin Classic. So you can easily configure them to your business and processes. It’s time to say goodbye to complex, old-fashioned interfaces. Because over the next 12 months, we’ll be launching:

  • Agent Desktop. A call centre, mini-vacation and tour booking app with credit card payment facility and telephone dialler integration.
  • Owner Interactive. A non-transactional app allowing owners to access their information in real-time, make payments, check their ownerships and statements, update their details and order services.
  • Member Booking. A transactional app allowing members to search for availability, make reservations in-line with the resort’s rules (using points, weeks or payment) and receive confirmations.

Book a date with our new technology.

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