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The new Merlin Member App will improve and enhance the online services you offer your clients. Fully customisable, the Merlin Member App uses the latest technology, is fully responsive, tablet-friendly and easy for everyone to use.

For your members, it gives effortless access to their accounts from their smart phones and tablets to check reservations, make payments, and order services.

While you’ll enjoy the latest technology, easy setup and staff cost reductions. Best of all, there are no setup fee or purchase costs for current Merlin Classic users.

Introducing the Merlin Member App

Configured to your timeshare business.

Register App
Register App

Here your members can sign up to access their personal account and receive a secure username and password.

Booking App
Booking App

Points and floating members can search and book accommodation, check balances, order guests certificates and services and then book and confirm.

Member App
Member App

Members can view their personal membership information, statements, transactions and reservation history – all trackable on Google Analytics.

Payment App
Payment App

Incorporating a gateway to your credit card merchant, your members can make online payments for maintenance fees, reservations and services.

Features and benefits.

Easy Setup
We’ll have you up and running in no time

Latest technology
The apps are coded using the latest coding languages and practices and hosted on state of the art servers

Tablet & Mobile friendly
Members can now access their accounts on their smartphones and tablets

Members can now manage and control their accounts themselves

Reduces overheads
You can reduce your staffing levels and costs with user-servicing

Increased efficiency
Staff can focus on more important tasks as members control their accounts

No set-up fees
There are no set-up fees for current Merlin Classic users

Low start-up cost
Just a small additional monthly cost based on the number of units or members

Customisable to your business needs

The Merlin Member app is fully customisable to your own corporate style and specific booking rules. It’s so seamless, your members will never know they are accessing Merlin’s functionality to access and manage their accounts. Freeing up your staff to work on other projects and tasks.

Merlin Member App
Merlin Member App

Members can see live availability and make reservations in line with your rules.

Merlin Member App

Members can check their current and historical reservations - and make new bookings.

Merlin Member App

Your members can search for availability, check their balances and their transactions.

Merlin Member App

Members can check their personal details and make any amendments and updates in line with your rules.

Merlin Member App

Members can see exactly what they own with you.

Merlin Member App

Members can check their accounts for payments and receipts.

Merlin Member App

An easy contact form for your members.

Merlin Member App

Members can see exactly what they are booking, arrange guest certificates and then confirm their reservations.

Merlin Member App

Your members can check on their account then decide to make payments and review their account history.

Merlin Member App

Your members can make payments directly through the credit card gateway via your own merchant.

Find Out More

To find out more and see the Merlin Member App in action, complete the contact form below. A member of the Merlin Software project management team will be in contact to arrange a full demo.

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