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Sales Module

Whatever your timeshare product, Merlin will manage it

Every aspect of the sales process is covered

This wide-ranging module allows you to take control of the entire process – whatever the product and wherever you sell – on-site, off-site or through third-party agents.

This module allows you to monitor your teams’ performance in real time, allocate and track tours, assign gifts and gather critical data. You can create and manage your inventory and then handle all daily sales activities from raising contracts, internal and external cessions and conversions to trade-ins, upgrades and downgrades. Track ownership changes and, if required, adapt the products you sell to your needs.

All sales are posted directly into the Merlin accounting module and income and expense transactions, including commissions, are automatically recorded and tracked for each tour and contract. Manage your new owners including management fee billing, loan servicing and reservations.

Key features of the sales module:

  • Create all sales inventory/products
  • All types of timeshare and fraction products
  • Manage this inventory
  • Track all changes of ownership & automatically recalculate fees and reservation rights
  • Add and adapt the products sold
  • Move sales inventory as required
  • Manage re-sales, cessions, conversions, trade-ins, upgrades
  • Set up prices lists in multiple currencies
  • Create and print contracts using your own templates
  • Links directly to Merlin’s accounting module
  • Creates income and expense transactions
  • Stores all documents and links to the buyer
  • Multiple contract-tracking paths
  • Handles contract cancellation, non-payment, and repossessions
  • Links directly to the Merlin marketing module
Manage all productd types

From fixed weeks and points to complex fractional calendars and short term products, Merlin Software can support them all.

Record and track

Track all your sales and their respective financial transactions with full financial and ownership audit.

Monitor your sales team

Monitor the success of your agents – find out who is your most productive agent so that you can make informed decisions.

Track ownership changes

Track the ownership of a particular piece of inventory and also the ownership of each member.

Sales contracts

Print all your documentation directly from Merlin – in line with your own templates and requirements.

Customised sales reports

Build detailed and bespoke reports tailored to your specific needs for informed reporting.

Finance integration

Structure payment schedules with or without interest and manage loan notes so that you are on top of who is paying – and who is behind.

Correspondence storage

Store all paperwork and documents electronically and have a full activity history so you can handle queries and questions effectively.

Mortgage support

Select which mortgaging options to offer your clients including interest and non-interest-bearing loans.

Video: How to choose your software provider

Key questions you need to ask when choosing your timeshare or fractional resort software provider – from marketing and sales to property management, front desk, accounting and finance.

And don’t forget to find out about their technology platform and customer service too.

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Questions to ask when choosing your resort software provider
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