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Merlin Software has a proven track record in delivering innovative, cloud-based software with specific vacation ownership features that enhance and streamline the operations of some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry. Check out the key features of our software below.

Marketing Module

Full CRM system

Build a complete database of your leads, owners, rental and exchange guests, know which marketing program they responded to, what communications you have sent them and determine what campaign worked – and what didn’t.

Marketing management

Create appointments, allocate to specific sales agents and then track tour flow, sales, gifting, commissions and costs for all your marketing programs, staff and third party agents at all your sales locations, including home presentations, as they happen.

Website integration

Integrate Merlin Software functionality directly into your own websites for lead generation, promotions, add-on sales and rental bookings – without your clients ever leaving your site and with all transactions live and linked to Merlin’s front office and accounting modules.

Marketing communications

Keep in constant contact with your owners, guests and leads with complex marketing communication sequences, processed through Merlin Software and distributed directly via direct mail, email, telephone and SMS with every communication tracked and accounted for.

CRM Case Tracking

Record the details of every compliment and complaint you receive and track through to resolution and includes escalation options as well as automated emails with attachments.


Report on every aspect of your marketing from OPC activity to which sales agent is the most successful with a particular client type. View statistics with customised reports so you can quickly determine the results and costs of each program and plan your next campaign based on this key data.

Sales Module

Sales processing

Process all types of timeshare and fractional product sales, create and print sales-related documentation using your own templates, operate multiple price lists, include all mortgaging and financial agreements and pay commissions.


Build detailed and bespoke reports tailored to your specific needs to report on every aspect of your sales activity at each location including financial reports and statements.

Owners register

Track the ownership of each piece of inventory and the ownership of each member back over time. Store all correspondence with your sales and maintain a full and updated activitiy history so you can handle queries and questions.

Bulk processing

Improve efficiency with bulk repossessions, cessions, trade-ins and upgrades.

Accounts integration

All transactions with an accounting impact are picked up automatically in Merlin’s back office accounting module including sales revenue as well as product and commission expenses.

Sales flexibility

Merlin has three-dimensional logic regarding product types per property and can manage a hierarchy of product types in the same units and in the same property. It can also handle mulitple currencies and price lists with multiple line items.

Front Office Module

Reservation management

A comprehensive hotel-based property management system combined with timeshare functionality to manage and track all reservation types including owners of fixed and floating weeks, points, trial products and fractionals as well as rentals and exchange guests.

Front desk

All front of house procedures including check-in/out, registration, cashiering, shift change, night audit and guest accounting. Manage all housekeeping and maintenance schedules and keep a history of all previous guest stays.

Maintenance fee billing

Raise annual maintenance fee invoices for all resorts and product types, run the billing process with multiple rates and send via email or mail, track payments and issue statements with all activity tracked in the accounts module.

Website integration

Integrate Merlin Software functionality directly into your own websites for online reservations, secure maintenance fee payments and rental bookings – without your clients ever leaving your site and with all transactions live and linked to Merlin’s front office and accounting modules.

Owner self-service

Allow your owners to service themselves through a secure login on your website to check their reservations, make payments, order ancillary products and services, deposit their ownership to the rental pool, make additional bookings, respond to promotions and update their records.

Reservation flexibility

Extensive revenue management capabilities using rental rates cards that dynamically vary the rental rates based on three criteria. Manage your rules regarding length of stay and check-in and out days.

Accounting Module

Complete accounting package

Within the back office module is a comprehensive, double-entry accounting package that can handle multiple companies and currencies with additional functionality built specifically for the vacation ownership industry.


Every aspect of your resort operation can be controlled and reported on from marketing and sales costs, finance and mortgage collections, loan servicing, maintenance fee billing, guest billing, agent and third party commissions.

Financial transactions

As a complete accounting package, users are able to undertake all financial transactions including raising invoices, sending statements, paying suppliers and reconciling bank statements.

Module integration

The module integrates with all other modules so there is no repetition of tasks and  procedures are streamlined.

Maintenance Fee Billing

Through Merlin Software’s accounting functionality you can raise annual maintenance fee invoices, issue via direct mail or email, track and account for all payments, and issue statements and assessments.

Ownership Audit

Merlin Software provides a full audit of ownership which is available online 24/7.

Five modules in a minute
Merlin Software – five modules in a minute
Website Integration

Update personal details

Let your owners add and update their personal contact details so you have the latest, up-to-date information when you want to contact them.

View ownership records

Let your owners see exactly what ownership they have with you, when they purchased and how they have used their time in the past

Availability search

Let your floating time or points owners check live availability and reserve their accommodation or let guests search for and book rental weeks

Online reservations

After searching for availability, let your owners make and update reservations using their ownership or make rental bookings within your terms and conditions.

Maintenance fees

Using your own merchant services, owners can pay their annual fees securely online – with all payments going directly into Merlin’s back office accounting module.

Online purchases

Your owners and guests can select and pay online for additional services such as cot hire, welcome packs, airport transfers, and green fees.

Set-Up Module

Simple set-up

Merlin’s set-up module makes it easy to set up your resort business, marketing programmes, sales contracts, reservations and accounting in one place.


Speed up all your processes with a range of wizards that makes it easy and efficient to add new content to your site within the software.

Building Blocks

Use Merlin’s Set Up Wizards or for super users access the complete set of building blocks to configure the system to your custom requirements with Merlin’s project management team only a click away to assist you.

Support & Training

Extreme support

Easy to promise, but Merlin delivers with 24/7 support from a customer services team which regularly achieves 90% satisfaction levels. Support is handled via Skype, email, online chat and good old fashioned telephone.


It all starts with successful training and Merlin provides both on-site and online training depending on the needs of our clients. Details system operation and inline manuals are available for every process.


Merlin is a turn-key solution with minimum risk that follows a simple discovery, set up, training, go live and implementation procedure.

Security & Technology


Merlin’s database servers are co-located in a secure data centre operated by RackSpace Limited in London. The security provided is at the highest level of industry standards. All data sent and to and from Merlin is encrypted and secured using secure socket layers and the site is authenticated by Thawte.

SAAS Technology

Merlin is a hosted service based on an Application Service Provider (ASP) business model where the software application is served across the Internet to users. No servers are required – just workstations with internet access. Merlin servers use the latest MS Windows Server Software as the operating system and run Internet Information Service (IIS).

Constant Innovation

The development team is constantly improving and developing Merlin’s key modules with all enhancements released, free of charge, to users on a regular basis.

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