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Hawaii’s Award Winning Ali’i Kai Resort Installs Merlin Software For HOA Resorts

Hawaii’s award winning Ali’i Kai Resort installs Merlin Software for HOA Resorts

Merlin Software for Vacation Ownership has completed the installation of Merlin Software for HOA Resorts at Ali’i Kai Resort on the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii.

Located in the famous Princeville community, All’i Kai Resort comprises luxurious two-bedroom, two-bathroom condominiums developed with low-density and two-storey architecture.

The resort has recently undertaken a comprehensive refurbishment program and is now a member of the prestigious “The Registry Collection”, as well as being honoured as the only resort in the Hawaiian region to have achieved RCI Gold Crown consistently over a 25-year period. The resort is also a Premier Boutique Resort with Interval International.

Merlin Software for HOA Resorts is an out-of-the-box version of the industry’s leading cloud-based resort software and provides all the functionality required by single-site legacy resorts to run their entire resort operation including:

  • Check in/out and reception
  • Reservations
  • Ownership tracking
  • Property management
  • Management fee billing
  • Owner communications
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

Optional additional functionality includes owner website integration, rental booking engine, floating time booking engine and credit card API for online payments.

Installation was initiated in February and March 2017 with all data transfers and training undertaken online.

Ron Wright, CEO and developer at Ali’i Kai Resort explained his decision to choose Merlin Software: “The team researched the market looking for great software that was completely cloud-based so that it could be accessed from any personal device from anywhere in the world – and we were introduced to Merlin Software.

“After many years in the industry, I believe that Merlin is much better than any software on the market today. I particularly appreciate the ownership tracking functionality and the business terms were very appealing for an established resort like Ali’i Kai.”

Mike Pnematicatos, Merlin’s chief architect and managing director said: “We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs of mature resorts and in being able to adapt our pricing model to meet their needs.”

Merlin Software for HOA Resorts provides all the functionality required by mature, legacy resorts with fixed or floating week ownership. Download our product sheet for further details – product sheet

Merlin Software is 100 per cent cloud-based and served over the Internet on demand. Users access their Merlin accounts securely via a web browser anywhere with an Internet connection.

This means that resorts do not need a separate IT resource, servers or communication links to run their resorts – saving them thousands of dollars each year.

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