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Merlin Enterprise Software has been developed by Mike Pnematicatos who has over 35 years’ experience in the timeshare and fractional industry. Our clients choose Merlin Software over others because they can trust Mike and the Merlin team to understand their needs and deliver premium software on time and on budget.

Mike Pnematicatos Merlin Software For Vacation Ownership

Mike Pnematicatos

Chief Architect
Mike is an internationally known and respected authority on all types of vacation ownership including timeshare, fractionals and points clubs and is the chief architect for Merlin Software.
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Martine Pnematicatos Merlin Software For Vacation Ownership

Martine Pnematicatos

Director of Global Operations
Martine is responsible for the financial affairs of the business besides her normal duties relating to project management, software development and staff management.
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Kyle Pnematicatos Merlin Software For Vacation Ownership

Kyle Pnematicatos

Director of Technology & Infrastructure
Kyle is responsible for all IT matters, project management of specific clients as well as managing the head office in Mike’s absence. He ensures that all servers, networks and hardware are operating under optimum conditions and is responsible for planning the future expansion of IT resources.
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Jeetesh Daya Merlin Software For Vacation Ownership

Jeetesh Daya

Senior Software Developer
Jeetesh has been involved with the development of Merlin Software since its inception. His knowledge of the industry, as well as being an excellent programmer and software developer, has been invaluable in the creation of Merlin as we know it today.
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Sonja Mathews Merlin Software

Sonja Mathews

Operations Manager
Sonja joined Merlin Software after 27 years in the hospitality industry and brings with her a specific understanding of timeshare operations. She brings with her considerable experience and knowledge of the various management roles within the hospitality and luxury goods industry with specific understanding of timeshare operations.
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