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We pride ourselves on being innovative and forward thinking.  We regard this as being one of our USP’s and what sets us apart from the competition.

Setting Standards

Merlin sets new standards and offers affordable functionality with ease of use in a single integrated application, currently unavailable elsewhere.

Software as a Service

Merlin runs in the cloud.  We use the Software as a Service business model.  You don’t require expensive on premises servers and always get the latest version of the software served to you.

The best vision is insight

With over 30 years’ industry experience, we know and understand timeshare

Global Integration

Being internet based our software allows you to integrate with others who use the same platform.

Years of Experience

We understand timeshare and how it works.  We understand your challenges and your business.  We’ve done what you do.

Cornerstones of Success

Creativity, innovation, advanced cloud-based technologies, knowledge, and expertise … these are the cornerstones of our success and what makes us your ideal technology partner.

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