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This robust and all-embracing module will be your resort’s complete CRM system. It allows users to:

  • Build a database of prospects
  • Record all your marketing activities
  • Track what marketing activities people respond to
  • Determine response rates and cost per response
  • Decide what marketing activities work and what don’t

In addition the module includes sophisticated data mining tools that allow you to mine your data and continue to market to the prospects in your database in four different ways:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • SMS/TXT Messages to Cell/Mobile Phones

You are able to build multiple complex cascade marketing programs using all of the above communication methods and set these to run automatically.

The module includes functionality to build outbound calling lists and for call centre operators to make outbound calls to prospects in these lists. Call centre managers can allocate calls to individual call centre operators who are able to access their calls to be made using a customised and pared down Merlin Lite front end.

The marketing module also includes functionality to:

  • Create tours and to book prospects into these tours
  • To allocate tours to sales representatives
  • Track tour results, qualification status and show status
  • Report sales representative statistics including closing rates, efficiencies and VPG.
  • Add client notes and actions
  • Develop sales pipelines

While this module has everything that you would expect from a standard timeshare marketing module, it includes functionality that is not found in competitor offerings particularly the data mining and cascade marketing capabilities.

This includes:

  • Full CRM case tracking
  • Web forms/interfaces to capture data directly to the database
  • Upload facility
  • Flybuy/mini vac management – automated, robust, feature rich and comprehensive


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