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Seasonal Office Hours 2015

Seasonal office hours 2015

Important information about Merlin's seasonal office hours 2015: Over the coming holiday season, the Merlin Software offices will be closed from Wednesday, December 23rd through to Sunday, January 3rd, 2016. To ensure you receive the best customer service and support…

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Merlin’s Timeshare Marketing Module: Ready For Today’s Marketing

Merlin’s timeshare marketing module: ready for today’s marketing

Merlin’s timeshare marketing module is feature-rich, robust and highly interactive making it the ideal partner for today’s vacation ownership marketer.

As timeshare marketing activity changes from being OPC-focused to digital platforms, we asked Merlin’s chief architect, Mike Pnematicatos, if Merlin Software for Enterprise has what it takes to support timeshare marketers.

1.    Tell us in a few lines what the Merlin timeshare marketing module is all about:

Many people think marketing is all about lead generation and sales.

That’s the end result you are hoping to achieve. Marketing is all about communicating.

While the medium of delivering the message may have changed, what hasn’t changed is the fact that you are still communicating.

Merlin’s timeshare marketing module allows you to create every marketing activity that you undertake and to track the responses that you receive to these activities.  In the end it tells you what is working and what isn’t.

2.    What are the top three significant advantages you offer versus competitors?

a.    We’re in the cloud, available 365/24/7 and all you need is an internet connection.
b.    We have functionality that no competitor has and it’s all in one software application.  We sometimes look at specialised marketing software and say to ourselves:  “Merlin does that”.  And then we say:  “And it also has all the other cool stuff our clients need all integrated into one single software application.”
c.    We’ve been in this business and know what our clients need.  We don’t just develop software.  We’ve been involved for too many years developing, marketing, selling and managing timeshare properties.  We understand the industry.

3.    Timeshare marketing is changing to digital solutions – can Merlin support this?

Yes we can.  Mostly, we can integrate everything with your web site.  From registration pages with auto email responses (for marketing) to owners gaining access to their own information, making payments and bookings online directly into Merlin.

And while the owner interactive stuff doesn’t sound like marketing, actually it is the most important thing when marketing to be able to tell prospects what YOUR timeshare can do that your competitors can’t.

4.    How can users further leverage Merlin’s technology?

There are so many ways.  We recently implemented integration between Merlin and a telephone auto-dialler system. The auto-dialler is pre-loaded with numbers to dial and, as each number is dialed and pushed to the call centre agent, this pops up in the Merlin Agent Desk Top application giving all the information about the lead being called.

It also allows for updating contact details, selling mini-vacs and booking tours, collecting immediate payment via credit card and sending confirmations to the clients.

5.    How can Merlin Software help resorts meet their objectives?

Resorts today have some major priorities:
i.    How to collect and deal with delinquent owners;
ii.    How to sell or rent out delinquent or repossessed inventory; and
iii.    How to reduce costs by allowing Owners to service themselves as much as possible and to do this online on the resort’s web site
In all of the above Merlin has the features to resolve these priorities

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